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Everyone Should Be Able To Start A Family


Zeta Fertility Network was created to connect prospective parents with egg donors, sperm donors, surrogate mothers, and the clinics and fertility professionals needed to help start families. 

We were founded with the mission of making alternative fertility methods such as in vitro fertilization and genetic screening accessible to everyone. Sign up today and take the next step towards starting a family.


Donors, Parents, and Clinics. In One Place.

Zeta is a mobile app for prospective parents looking to start a family through alternative fertility methods. Egg donors, sperm donors, surrogate mothers, fertility specialists, clinics, sperm or egg banks, and donor agencies use Zeta to make the process of starting a family through alternative fertility methods easier.  


To make fertility technologies such as in vitro fertilization and genetic screening accessible to everyone, we created Zeta Matchmaking, the Zetabase, and an algorithm to help parents find clinics that provide genetic screening services

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Match With Donors

Zeta Matchmaking is a powerful search tool for finding the right donor. Prospective parents are matched with donors that meet their personal requirements, whether it’s a donor with their own eye color, hair color, or a donor with their qualitative traits.


Access The Zetabase

The Zetabase is a collection of all of the egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogate mothers that have registered with Zeta. Fertility clinics, donor agencies, and sperm or egg banks also give parents access to donor profiles by adding them to the Zetabase.


Genetic Screening

Prospective parents have access to genetic screening options provided by fertility clinics that register with Zeta. Genetic screening allows parents to check embryos for genetic diseases or choose an embryo with desired physical characteristics such as eye color, hair color, and sex.

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The First Digital

Matchmaker For Fertility.

For parents seeking an egg or sperm donor for in vitro fertilization or other fertility methods, finding an available donor and the right fertility clinic can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve given prospective parents the power to find everything they need with a few button taps. 


Create an account and complete an application to join the network. 


Once approved, parents, donors, and clinics are matched together. 


After being matched, the fertility clinic can begin the donation process.




The Help Desk

Is At Your Service.

For questions about what Zeta can do to help you start a family, leave us a message through the app's 'support' feature at any time and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also email us at

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