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Upload your egg or sperm donor profiles to Zeta to give fertility clinics and prospective parents direct access.  

Match Donors With Parents Using Zeta Matchmaking 

With Donor Search, Parents Can Access Donor Profiles From Anywhere

Zeta offers an innovative and convenient marketing solution for donor agencies and egg or sperm banks working to match donors with prospective parents. Upload donor profiles to Zeta and give instant access directly to the prospective parents that use the platform every day to find donors. 

As an agency or bank, Zeta is ideal whether storing frozen embryos or working with a new donor that has never donated. As part of the company mission, Zeta is dedicated to giving equal access to alternative fertility methods, which requires that all fertility options are presented to the prospective parent with minimal cost and inconvenience.


Donor Agencies

Upload egg or sperm donor profiles and surrogate mother profiles to match with a prospective parent.

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Egg & Sperm Banks

With a surplus of frozen embryos and sperm, egg or sperm banks use Zeta to match with prospective parents looking to start a family through in vitro fertilization. 

Getting Started Is Easy. Here's How It Works.


Reach out to to schedule a business consultation.


We can integrate your database and upload donor profiles to Zeta. Upload many or just one. It's up to you.


When a prospective parent chooses a donor from your agency, egg or sperm bank, you will be notified.

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