Frequently asked questions


What is Zeta?

Zeta is a fertility network with matchmaking services for prospective parents, egg donors, and sperm donors.

How does Zeta work?

Zeta makes it easy to meet a potential donor by allowing prospective parents to search for a donor and chat through the app.

Prospective Parents

Egg Donors

Why is an application required to become an egg donor?

Zeta uses the standards of fertility clinics to qualify egg donor candidates.

How do I apply to become a Zeta Registered Egg Donor?

Apply to become a Zeta Registered through the mobile application available in the App Store.

Are Egg Donors compensated?

Yes, typically egg donors are compensated for their donation by the parents receiving the donation.

How long does it take for an egg donor application to get approved?

Applications are typically approved within 24 hours.

How much are egg donors compensated?

Egg donors are typically compensated between $5,000 and $10,000 by prospective parents.

Sperm Donors

How are sperm donors compensated?

Sperm donors that register through Zeta are compensated by the prospective parent.

How much are sperm donor compensated?

Donor compensation is ultimately decided between the prospective parent and the donor. Generally, compensation amounts vary between $300 and $4,000.

Surrogate Mothers

Fertility Clinics

Egg & Sperm Banks

Donor Agencies


How do I reset my password?

To change your password, navigate to the account settings screen and select ‘Settings’.

How do I change my email

To change your password, navigate to the account settings screen and select ‘Settings’.