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For fertility clinics that work with donors and prospective parents every day, providing care and attention to their practice is paramount. That’s why we’ve made it easier for fertility clinics to focus on their practice while Zeta takes care of marketing, client acquisition, and appointment scheduling. 


Getting started as a fertility clinic on Zeta is easy. Simply sign up as a fertility specialist, register with your clinic and get access to a suite of features. Manage your clinic’s business profile, upload egg and sperm donor profiles to the Zetabase, automate client forms, scheduling, and more.

Give Prospective Parents and Donors The Tools To Succeed


Prospective parents, egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogate mothers all use Zeta to start families, but nothing happens without Fertility Clinics. Join the network to bring your services directly to the people that need them the most.

Register Your Clinic With Zeta Fertility Network

How Zeta Can Help Your Fertility Clinic

We want fertility clinics to focus on their practice and not have to worry about marketing and administrative tasks like paperwork, advertising, and scheduling. Acquire new prospective parents or donors, promote specialized services such as genetic screening, and upload donor profiles to the app. For direct inquiries, please email us at


Acquire New Prospective Parents and Donors

Customer acquisition is a critical part of any business.  Display your clinic's profile in the Zeta app to drive business growth. 


Promote Genetic Screening Procedures and Services

Prospective parent's might not know what options are available to them. Let them know straight from the app before the first appointment.

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Upload Egg or Sperm Donors and Surrogate Mother

Give prospective parent's access to rich, detailed donor profiles directly from their phone. Help them find exactly who they're looking for.



Manage Your Clinic's Business Profile

  • Make your clinic's virtual presence known to prospective parents and donors that use the app every day. 

  • Give prospective parents access to donor profiles through the app. 

  • Manage your clinic's contact information, images, and provided services.

Give Your Clients A Way To Fill Out Forms Before They Visit

  • Zeta forms remove the paperwork to give clients a better experience.

  • Integrate forms directly with your systems to make information capturing as seamless as possible.

  • Customize the information fields needed by your clinic.

Make Sure Your Clinic Is Present When Parents Search Nearby


Parents and donors find a fertility clinic on Zeta by searching nearby or by searching for clinics that offer the genetic screening services that they need. Make sure your clinic's presence is know by registering with Zeta.

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