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Whether you're thinking about becoming a parent through alternative fertility methods such as IVF or you're thinking about becoming an egg or sperm donor, you can get started today - without going to a clinic or egg or sperm bank.

Match With An Egg Or Sperm Donor Before Going To A Clinic.




Sign up as a prospective parent, egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate mother, or fertility specialist.


Complete your application to join Zeta Fertility Network.


Once your application is approved, parents can match with donors and the clinics needed to start a family.

Register For

Zeta Fertility Network To

Start Matchmaking

Matchmaking works because everyone is in the same network.

Starting a family through in vitro fertilization can be logistically complex, but every year, more or more families are started this way. We wanted to streamline the process by bringing everyone under one network. That’s why we created the Zetabase, where everyone’s profiles, schedules, searches are stored for our algorithms to work their magic. When people come together, everyone benefits.


Egg Donors

For a prospective parent or a couple that is unable to conceive a child, an egg donor makes all of the difference. Female egg donors can register through the app to give the greatest gift of life.


Sperm Donors

Couples seeking alternative fertility methods need sperm donors that make their dreams possible. Sign up as a sperm donor through the app today.


Prospective Parents

Find an egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate mother, or fertility clinic with the services that you need -- all before making an appointment. Sign up as a prospective parent today to get started.


Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers can register through the app today to be matched with prospective parents who are in need of their service.


Fertility Specialists

Professionals who work for a fertility clinic, sperm & egg bank, or donor agency can register for Zeta. Sign up today to upload your organization's business profile, donor profiles, and fertility services.


Welcome To The Zetabase

The Zetabase is our name for a database where all donor, parent, and clinic profile information is stored. It's what makes matchmaking work. The Zetabase is secured using encryption and bank-level security. To learn more about security, please read our Privacy Policy.


The Algorithm

For Matching Donors with


Mixing algorithms with baby-making hardly seems appropriate, but when it comes to solving the logistical problems, there is no better tool. Our algorithms sort through thousands of donor profiles each with hundreds of characteristics and time frames of availability, shortening a process that previously could take up to four months.  


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