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How To Find an Egg or Sperm Donor

For prospective parents, finding an egg or sperm donor can be a daunting task. With many different agencies and egg or sperm banks across the world, there is certainly no shortage of options. Choosing where to start can be difficult, that's why we made Donor Search.

Donor Search In the Zeta Mobile App

With Donor Search, anyone can easily start browsing through donor profiles right from their phone. Zeta partnered with egg and sperm banks and agencies to create one place to access every donor database. No more jumping from website to website, registering for multiple email lists, and creating several accounts. With Zeta, you'll find the donor that you're looking for.

Precise Search Tools

Prospective parents that are looking for a sperm or egg donor with specific attributes and characteristics can use Donor Search to create targeted filters. Select several donor properties such as eye color, hair color, height, educational background, and ethnicity and our algorithms will show donors that most closely match your profile.

Matchmaking Alerts

Using Donor Search, prospective parents can save their unique searches and will get an automatic notification when a new donor is listed on the platform that matches their search. Zeta is always updating the Zetabase will new egg and sperm donors. If there is not a match on one particular day, this doesn't mean there will never be a match. Alerts make sure that a prospective parent doesn't miss anything even when their phone is away.

How To Get Started

First, sign up for the Zeta mobile app and register as a "Prospective Parent" on the sign-up screen. Complete signing up providing a username, email, and password. Usernames help keep parents anonymous for donors that wish to have an anonymous donation experience.

Next, from the home screen, prospective parents will have access to recent messages, required actions, and donor search. Access the initial Parent Assessment form through the 'Build My Parent Profile' card.

Complete The Parent Assessment Form

All prospective parents are required to complete an initial assessment. Egg banks, sperm banks, and donor agencies require the information obtained in the Parent Assessment for their own records and will need this information when the prospective parent chooses a donor through the Zeta mobile app. Once the assessment is completed and has been approved, the prospective parent can begin to use Donor Search to find a sperm or egg donor.

View Donor Profiles

Zeta provides detailed donor profiles right from the app. Browse through images of the donor throughout the life of the donor. Access donor bios and listen to audio recordings and videos of the donor when available. The prospective parent can then choose to select the donor. Once the donor is selected, the egg bank, sperm bank, or agency associated with that donor will be contacted and further arrangements will be made with the prospective parent's fertility clinic.

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