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Zeta Launch Week 🚀

This is the beginning of something great. As a company, we set out on a mission to make alternative fertility methods more affordable and accessible. Although we’ve been hard at work for quite some time, the real journey begins now.

We have already learned so much from the first visitors to our website and the first users of the app. Accepting feedback is a critical part of any business, but in the early stages, this is perhaps the most important. Zeta is not perfect and does not claim to be, but we will work every day to get it as close as possible.

From the beginning, we want to exercise full transparency with our members. For that reason, we will frequently post company updates in our blog. In the coming months, we will be greatly expanding the educational aspect of Zeta. We understand the overwhelming nature of alternative fertility methods and we want to provide information where it is needed most.

For now, we are grateful to have made it to launch week. It’s easy to forget to celebrate the small victories, but this is a good one. We are excited about the future ahead of us. As we build this community in the coming months, we will continue to ask for feedback and learn from our members. That never stops.

We did receive critical feedback from some visitors this week. Some unsolicited, One person raised an issue with our Code of Ethics, citing that an anti-enhancement stance on genetic engineering was a form of discrimination. In other words, our policy against genetic engineering for human enhancement was considered a form of discrimination of enhanced people. While we don’t believe this is currently a form of discrimination, we will adjust our policy in the future if it came to that.

Another visitor found an issue with the casual way in which our website describes genetic profile selection. Although the general tone of the website copy and branding is informative and casual, we don’t take these responsibilities lightly. Likewise, the choice to bring a life into the world is not to be taken lightly. While we continue to support the use of genetic screening for profile selection, we’ve also decided to revisit the way it is described on the website.

Certainly, some of the ideas represented by Zeta are new and can be jarring to many people who don’t think about having children. We believe that information and education will bring understanding. Procedures such as IVF have been performed for decades. For many, it is one of the only ways to conceive a child. If we have learned to read our DNA, we must continue to read it. If we can acquire genetic information, we must use it to stop unnecessary sickness. As Zeta becomes more known, we will stand by prospective parents and support their choices.

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