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Choose An Embryo Before Implantation

Using Genetic Profiling 

Genetic screening allows prospective parents to choose embryos that evidence desired physical characteristics such as hair color, eye color, and sex. More couples are conceiving through in vitro fertilization in order to choose an embryo that matches their profile.

Zeta gives prospective parents access to this technology by matching couples with the fertility clinics that can provide the services that they require. Start by filling out the questionnaire in the app and see what is possible. 


It's Screening To See What's Possible

Using genetic screening technology, fertility clinics can understand the genes of a set of embryos and predict certain physical characteristics previously hidden in DNA. Similar to the screening used to diagnose genetic diseases, genetic profiling allows parents to understand the predicted eye color, hair color, and sex before the embryo is implanted through in vitro fertilization.


Eye Color

DNA markers can predict eye color with greater than 90% accuracy.


Hair Color

Scientists have found that over 100 different genes contribute to hair color.



Sex Selection allows prospective parents to select the sex of their embryos with greater than 99% accuracy.


Find Fertility Clinics Near You That Offer Genetic Profiling With IVF

We made it easy to find a clinic that provides the services you need. It's exciting to see what technology has to offer and to imagine with the future will hold. Get started today

by signing up as a prospective parent in the app.

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